What is an Orangutan-Tour.com

An Orangutan-tour is a Tour company based on orangutan tour in Tanjung Puting National Park in Central Borneo.

Orangutan-tour is sustainably built & integrated with the

Natural, Wildlife and Social Environmental development.


Natural Environment

  • Our tour is located in a natural area, or a rural area within a short distance to a natural area, and is not significantly impacted by a town site, noises, traffic, or pollution in the first hand.
  • It employs land management strategies and systems that protect the environment from pollutions and degradation.
  • It minimizes the use of toxic or non-biodegradable chemicals.
  • It has organic food available for guests.
  • It annually plants endemic vegetation.
  • It supports bio diversity.
  • It protects native fauna and flora.
  • No chemicals are used in the food production system.

Built Environment

It has a system in place to off set carbon within the area of National Park. (planting indigenous plants & plots)

Involved in bringing knowledge to local as in terms to give a scholarship for children coming from the area within the park where there is no direct funding of continuing their study in a formal education systems.

Employs energy saving tactics and renewable energy where possible.

Buildings are built in harmony with the natural surroundings.

Buildings consume less than 1/3 of the overall land area.

Buildings reflect traditional designs.

It uses only local people where possible within the trip you have.

Recycles organic and non organic wastes were possible.

Social Environment

It trains and employs local people who are paid at fair wages.

It informs guests, staff and visitors of the importance and value of a healthy ecosystem and describes how to best enjoy the area without causing negative impacts.

It places real value on, and actively supports, the local culture.

It employs, or has access to, interpretive nature guides who are either trained in biology or have significant local knowledge of the habitat.

It contributes to the local economy and helps demonstrate that eco tourism is a more sustainable long term ways to earn income than destroying or altering habitats for short term gains.

It is involved in community social and environmental projects in uplifting their income & knowledge.

It encourages sustainable economic community development.

The operation strives to harmonize with and highlight the local culture.

What you can do to be an “Eco guest”

Please bring with you:

Your love of nature

Natural insect repellents

Natural shampoos – we have rivers that are sensitive to chemicals

If you have any second hand English reading picture books suitable for children we can add them to our library.

Other things… that You also can do in the Tour

Consider Off setting your Carbon foot print.

Eco friendly meals from our menu.

Take a walk with our local guides and in doing so 10% of your fee will go to the Orangutan-Tour Trek fund.

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